The Life Of Moi :)

x .Somewhere Weakness Is Our Strength, And I'll Die Searching For It. x

Haven't updated this in so long:O

So whats new...Baby Matthew has arrived & is now 9 weeks old tomorrow:)
It's amazing he's finally here. Been to a couple of gigs since, Muse & Paramore.
Muse were unreal!!
Paramore last night, was absolutely amazing!!
Seans working away cause Xmas is a nearing:) Almost done our shopping woohooo!

Oh & catty which we were never away from..Paramore went to & we missed them. Gutteeeed :( Maybe next time!


First proper update on my new journal :)
Sooo where to start? I am still with Sean, almost 5 years now. Wowza.
Baby on the way :)
Got a new job in the Southern General. Not sure what to do about that now with me being pregnant?
Thomas my bro is married and has a lil boy called "Jack" named after Jack White of course haha!
Haven't been doing much else other than dying my hair repeatedly and spending probably too much time on myspace, bebo & msn >.<
Cathouse & gigs at weekends still. Rattleshakes are still on great form.
In a band myself, singing and playing guitar.
Sean plays bass and Ians the drummer, we're called "Modern myth" 
Giggings also been put on hold due to baby expected haha:)

Talking bout baby names, if we have a boy we were thinking Josh or Jared.
A girl it's looking almost definate she'll be called Hayley :) I wonder where that came from lol.
Speaking of which :)
Doncha just love her.
Thats all for now. xxxxx

Well well

Decided to make a new journal, lost track of my old one and hadn't updated in like 3 years.
So yeah new start :) So much has happened since back then lol.
Haven't exactly got the hang of this yet but will update when i know what i'm doing :)
Ciao for now xxx


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